At Sharp Farms, we pride ourselves in delivering the best in food and farmworker safety. Our mission is to grow safe and healthy products for our customers. Food safety and farm worker safety are our priorities.

Food Safety

Sharp Farms recognizes the importance of maintaining a strict and detailed food safety program. By implementing what is known as Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), we minimize the potential for product contamination. This ensures we have processes in place for quality assurance from planting to your table.

  • Continuous employee training of GAP
  • Internal audits of all worker practices
  • Participation of 3rd party audits
  • Testing and monitoring of water sources
  • Testing and monitoring of all crop protection agents and hazardous materials used on the farm
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Farmworker Safety

SharpFrams096Sharp Farms has developed and implemented effective policies and procedures that reduce or eliminate accidents, injuries, and illnesses for our workers. We do this through training, education, and inspections. Our number one priority is to provide a safe working environment. We have numerous policies to address these safety issues.

  • Injury and Illness Prevention Training
  • Hazardous Material Safety
  • Forklift Safety
  • Tractor Safety
  • Crop Protection Agent Safety
  • N.C. Department of Labor Guidelines
  • Comply with pesticide field reentry intervals
  • Field identification for traceability
  • Pesticide Licenses
  • Fumigation Certification
  • GAP Certified
  • Waste Management Certified